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forget black friday, many of the nation's biggest retailers are kicking off their holiday sales today and not everyone's happy about it. and floating on air, cue the balloons. the bands and your favorite stars, the macy's thanksgiving day parade is just hours away. and matt, savannah, and al are right in the middle of all the action "today," thursday, november 22nd, 2012. and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. thanksgiving day, happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving, natalie. >> i'm natalie morales. >> and i'm willie geist. thanks for sharing part of your day with us this morning. whether you're waking up to stuff the bird or maybe just bracing yourself for the arrival
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of some of those relatives. >> expanding waistlines. >> a lot of new balloons, a lot of fun this morning. >> great balloons, a lot of great characters, some of your favorites and new ones, as well. all those kids will be smiling across the country. also performing on national tv. pop stars on floats. you've got to love it. it is always my favorite kind of day. and matt, savannah, and al are hosting nbc's coverage of the parade. we're going to see what's in store in just a few minutes. >> and a beautiful day for it, as well. then as we mentioned, black friday quickly becoming black thursday with the doors opening today. coming up, we'll tell you where to find the best deals if you're going right from the dinner table to the mall. and basketball had the dream team, music had the rat pack. well, this morning, we had our own all-star lineup in the kitchen today. martha stewart and giada de laurentiis are showing you how to make the perfect thanksgiving meal from the turkey to the stuffing to the all-important sides to dessert.
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it's going to be great. >> not a bad way to wake up, giada and martha stewart are cooking a thanksgiving dinner. good start to the day. peace for the moment, at least, in the middle east after eight days of fighting. so far, the truce between israel and hamas appears to be holding. eamon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. well, for the first time in nine days, we're not hearing the sounds of israeli drones or fighter jets above us. we're not hearing any air strikes. ordinary palestinians are going about their business. shops are reopening. the question on everyone's mind, though, will this cease-fire last? >> on the streets of gaza, celebration and joy late into the night. days of intense negotiations finally leading to a fragile but critical cease-fire. >> we're at the hold, the rocket attacks must end, a broader calm return. this is a critical moment for the region. >> but the nighttime
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celebrations gave way to gaza's daytime realities. families sent up mourning tents to receive condolences. officials here say more than 160 palestinians were killed. for thousands of palestinians, the calm gave them a chance to return to their abandoned homes for the first time in days when israel dropped leaflets warning them to evacuate the area, he did. in the last attack on gaza, his brother was killed and their farm was destroyed. today he tells me he doesn't want history to repeat itself and hopes the truce won't be short-lived. just miles away where israeli troops have prepared to invade gaza, the order was given to stand down for now. israel too has new realities. palestinian rockets can now reach tel aviv and jerusalem. five israelis were killed and millions more within the range of rockets. for now, both sides are claiming victory. hamas calling on support later
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today. a semblance of normalcy returns to gaza streets, many fear this will be temporary. without a comprehensive solution, they say, this will just be another bloody chapter in the israeli/palestinian conflict. now, the men being credited with brokering the cease-fire is mohammed morsi. he received phone calls thanking him for his effort in the leadership. the question is whether or not they can begin to address some of the core issues of this conflict that keeps leading to cycle after cycle of violence. willie? >> we'll see how long it holds. thank you. and now we're going to take a big turn and come back home. the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade begins less than two hours from now, and matt and savannah are hosting, they're in herald square with your preview. good morning, guys. >> happy thanksgiving. obviously there are major stories making news all around the world, but here in herald
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square and on 34th street, at least for the next several hours, it's all about the holiday, fantasy, and just having a good time. >> this is something that we'll definitely -- so many people watch this and make this part of their thanksgiving day tradition. and there's a lot to look forward to. 16 giant new balloons and new characters, hello kitty, papa smurf and elf on the shelf. >> the actors from those musicals. there's the cast of "elf" going through their rehearsals behind us. these people get here at all hours of the night and freeze a little bit as we go through it. nice work if you can get it. we've got "annie." >> "annie." >> i have to tell you guys, this is savannah's first time hosting this parade. she's been so excited this morning. she's like a kid that's had one bowl of fruit loops too many. running around going crazy. >> yeah. and with caffeine. a little coffee mixed in there. we're listening to christmas
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music in the trailer. super excited, and the weather could not be better. i know you've seen a lot of these parades where you've got rain maybe even snow. we have an almost perfect day here. >> that's right. the winds are light so those giant balloons that the kids love so much will be flying high. they'll be in all their glory. great music from people like carly rae jepsen, jimmy fallon along with the roots. three hours of packed entertainment. >> 8,000 participants, but most importantly, only one santa claus, we're looking forward to that, willie and natalie. >> that's always the big thrill when santa claus makes his way down there. thanks so much. we'll be checking back in with you guys a little later on. >> see you guys. meantime on thanksgiving, there have always been three big traditions, macy's parade, football, and a big meal. now you can add a fourth. shopping. black friday is getting a one day head start this year. and nbc's kevin tibbles has more. good morning.
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>> reporter: well, as matt just said, the holiday season gets underway today, and so do the deals. this year they're coming earlier than ever. >> hurry up and wrap those turkey leftovers tonight, the holiday shopping season is off to its earliest start ever this year. >> sears black friday doorbusters -- >> black friday's back, savings start thursday at 8:00 p.m. >> walmart, sears, target, toys r us and kmart are unwrapping the big door buster deals as early as 8:00 p.m. tonight on thanksgiving. >> a number of stores have tested opening their stores on thanksgiving night, and the test results have been positive, both for the consumers and for the retailers. >> reporter: positive is right. the longer the holiday shopping season is, the more people spend. and thanksgiving is a big one for retailers who expect to make up to 30% of their holiday sales just this weekend alone. with your hard-earned dollars at stake. no store wants to be left out.
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>> it's important for retailers to make sure they're in the game too. and if walmart opens early, then it's going to be very hard for its competitors to sit on the sidelines. >> and by opening their doors on thanksgiving, retailers are hoping to lure every type of shopper. >> thursday night shopper will be younger and be more male, where the friday morning shopper will be older and more female. >> some retail employees aren't so thrilled. one target worker started an online petition asking target to take the high road and save thanksgiving this year. >> when walmart retaliates, stand up. >> reporter: some walmart workers are upset too. saying the holidays should remain just that and are planning to protest their working conditions in front of some stores today and tomorrow. >> it adds insult to injury to be ordered to work on a day that many see as thanksgiving. >> some shoppers are eagerly awaiting the deals. >> my grandmother always told me
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the early bird gets the worm. >> reporter: as this quintessential american holiday becomes a day for shopping as well as food, family, and football, it begs the question, could christmas be next? yeah, yeah, the early bird gets the worm. i've got another option for you, one i usually stick with. why not just get another piece of pumpkin pie and go back to the couch? >> i'm with you on that. kevin tibbles in chicago. thanks so much, kevin. with only hours to go until that shopping frenzy begins, where can you find the best deals? good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the black friday creep as you've heard. not everybody thrilled about it, especially the workers going in later today. but retailers say they're doing it to meet customer demand. are they right? >> well, we are expecting a huge number of people to shop on black friday. 147 million people will head to the stores this weekend. that's according to the national retail federation. it's a little lower, actually, than last year. but that's because people will be shopping on thursday, and
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they didn't take that into account in their forecast. >> so how much are consumers expected to spend this year, as well? >> they're looking to spend about $400 on average. but interestingly, those consumers who are going to shop across channels, which means not just in the stores but online and using their mobile devices will spend an average of $600. so $200 more, they'll be getting alerts for deals online and start to take advantage. >> i've got to ask, is it really worth it? are these door buster deals really worth going out there later today or waking up in the wee hours of the morning early tomorrow morning? >> sometimes. the "wall street journal" and actually did a -- took a look at 500 different doorbuster deals and found in about one-third of cases the merchandise has already been available at lower prices earlier this year, sometimes even in the same stores. so you really have to understand what you're buying and how much of a discount is worth it. and typically the threshold for what's a good discount is about 40%.
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>> this is where it's important to do your research, which you have done for us. you found good deals, typically electronics are the hot selling items. you found some for us. >> electronics are the things that will bring people in the store. at walmart, a nikon 1 digital camera down to $399, samsung has a 40-inch tv at $429. a laptop at $449. and this is one of the days during the year when apple actually will discount its own merchandise. but you can get better deals on apple prices typically at other places like best buy, like walmart's got the ipad 2 for $399, i believe. >> you have to get a gift card. >> you get a gift card for $75. and if you find a better deal, many retailers are willing to match prices. >> all right. so worth going around and shopping around. thanks so much. >> sure. >> once again, here's willie. >> thank you.
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he once was a name to watch in congress, someone who was going places, perhaps above and beyond the house of representatives. but now, jesse jackson jr. is out of a job. kelly o'donnell has the latest. kelly, good morning. >> good morning, willie. well, jesse jackson jr. has been under a cloud for months. a personal struggle with mental illness, complicated by the pressures of a very public life, and nagging questions that surface through ethics and criminal investigations. his decision to quit congress comes two weeks after he won a ninth full term and did so without even campaigning. >> would you guys like coffee, by the way? >> known simply as junior, the 47-year-old long carried both the blessings and burdens of a famous family name. >> he is my father and my friend, i now present to you the reverend jesse jackson. >> in better days, jackson jr. was routinely talked about as a
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future chicago mayor or u.s. senator making his slow and personal fall a source of major headlines. >> with breaking news, the resignation of congressman jesse jackson jr., he was once a political rising star. >> and compassion from some chicago constituents. >> it's sad. i don't think you want to see this happen to anybody. especially with his, you know, his health issues. >> he thought he represented you guys well? >> reasonably well. but if you're not able, you're not able. >> reporter: last june, jackson disappeared from congress after a series of evolving, incomplete explanations for his absence, his office revealed he was hospitalized for bipolar disorder. wednesday, jackson sent a letter of resignation to house speaker john boehner while his chief of staff delivered copies in illinois. >> can you tell us how he's doing? >> he's doing good. >> jackson wrote, my health issues and treatment regimen
7:14 am
have become incompatible in the house of representatives. but his deteriorated health is not the only factor. in his letter he does admit to mistakes. jackson has been in talks with federal prosecutors who are looking into whether he misused campaign funds to buy personal things, including an expensive watch. i am doing my best to address the situation responsibly, cooperate with the investigators, and accept responsibility for my mistakes, for they are my mistakes and mine alobe. alone. wednesday, jackson's father called the resignation painful. >> it's a moment for our family and we'll face the day tomorrow with prayer and we find support in so many people. >> jackson's lawyers say he is cooperating, but it could take months to resolve his legal issues. illinois officials are looking at options for when to hold a special election to fill the vacant seat. and in that letter, jackson added he prays to be remembered
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for what he did right. willie? >> kelly o'donnell in washington this morning, thank you and happy thanksgiving to you, kelly. >> to you, as well. and now let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. joining us over at the news desk is andrea. >> good morning to you all and happy thanksgiving. we begin with deadly attacks in pakistan. a taliban suicide bomber struck a shiite muslim procession killing at least 23 people. more than 60 others were wounded. earlier wednesday, attacks in karachi left at least six people dead. susan rice is defending her initial account on the attack in benghazi, libya, that left four americans dead. speaking at the united nations wednesday, rice said she was working off the best information she was given. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary.
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>> rice considered a top candidate to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state has been criticized by top republicans for initially saying the attacks in benghazi were not terror attacks. more than 18,000 people will soon be out of a job. now that a judge approved the liquidation wednesday of iconic hostess brands. the company will be shutting down operations immediately after failing to reach a deal with a striking bakers union. but don't say good-bye to the twinkie just yet. hostess says it's optimistic buyers will swoop in to produce some of the most popular products. and if you were one of the millions of people who hit the road or rails this thanksgiving, let's hope you were not stuck in this mess. thousands of cars were backed up for hours on the 405 interstate in los angeles wednesday with red and yellow lights stretching for miles. and a headache for travelers in new york's penn station wednesday after a switching problem halted train service leaving thanksgiving passengers stranded at the station.
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at least there's a bit of good news for those hitting the road. aaa says prices in many parts of the country have fallen recently and will likely continue to drop. the national average for a gallon of gas, regular is $3.43, down 44 cents from mid-september. president obama and the first family took part in some annual thanksgiving traditions, handing out food to needy families and putting smiles on people's faces. at a local food bank in the nation's capital. earlier wednesday, the president took part in a white house tradition pardoning a turkey and a backup. cobbler and gobbler will live out their days on a farm. and check out this turkey, he's enjoying his days under the florida sun. the new carnival cruise ship breeze docked in miami with a 14-story tall inflatable turkey. celebrating the ship's inaugural voyage today. and this is one way to get everything you need for your thanksgiving feast today.
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build yourself a huge grocery cart. one grocer built a motorized cart 12 feet long and 9 feet tall complete with a steering wheel and motor. it took them two years to build this. and he did it as a way to draw attention to his business. and as natalie knows, we won't be needing a grocery cart because we're going to the restaurant for thanksgiving. >> and it'd be perfect for my costco ones. overflowing. thanks so much, andrea. now let's head down to the parade route and al for a check of your weather. hey, al. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we have got a perfect morning for the parade. it's about 43 degrees. the ocean spray float there. over here, hello kitty is getting ready to take flight in a brand new balloon, as well. it's a perfect day. and for a lot of folks, it is going to be a record-breaking thanksgiving day, warmth, we're talking temperatures, take a look at this, st. louis, going to see a high of 72, could be a rerd. the macy's parade forecast,
7:19 am
mid-40s to about 50 degrees. sunny, light winds, as well. then, as far as your forecasting is concerned. look at this, columbus, 66, 76 at oklahoma city. but then that front moves through and temperatures take a big dip, dropping down into the 40s and 50s. that's your latest weather, your local forecast right after this. good morning to you. i want to start with a live
7:20 am
picture, beautiful, clear conditions over the greater bay area. this is sunol. we have no problems in terms of weather delays right now at any local airports and just getting to grandma's house, maybe you're traveling into the central valley, we're looking good. 68 in livermore, 66 in san jose. the next couple days temperatures staying nice and comfortable from everybody here at nbc bay area, happy thanksgiving. and that's your latest weather. natalie, willie? >> looking good out there. we're going to have much more from the parade. the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade, include some of the performers. we're just getting started. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, martha stewart and giada de laurentiis whip up a thanksgiving feast. into their, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support.
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gotcha. covered. whooooh. [ male announcer ] black friday will never be the same. with our 1-hour in-stock guarantee, get here between 10 and 11 and you're guaranteed to get these electronic gifts in time for christmas. the first and only place to go on black friday. walmart. donuts? ♪ [ chuckles ] ♪ you're cute. ♪ [ door creaks, closes ] [ female announcer ] the protein effect. new special k protein cereal. with ten grams of protein and three grams of fiber... finally, a protein cereal to help keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? it is 7:26. good morning, everybody, i'm jon kelley. yeah, the bird is barely in the oven and people already looking ahead to black friday.
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that's right. big retailers like target, old navy and walmart opening up their doors later on today leaving many to spend most of their holiday waiting in line. people camping outside of best buy in pinole for days looking for those big-time deals on electronics. along with the major retailers, local malls also opening up early. the great mall in milpitas opening up at 10:00 p.m. the new paragon outlets also open up at 10:00. stoneridge shopping center in pleasanton and valley fair in san jose opening at midnight. further south the premium outlets in gilroy opening up at 9:00 with the entire mall opening up at midnight. now, some shoppers will be met with picket lines tonight. protesters marching inside the walmart in oakland yesterday. those workers angry the retail giant is forcing employees to work on the holiday. now we're fortunate enough that we convinced christina loren to skip the lines right now and come in and help us with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you.
7:27 am
i'll be in line come later on tonight. good morning, we're looking really good. this is san rafael, just a beautiful way to start out this thanksgiving thursday. temperatures are a little chilly because it's nice and clear. this is san bruin oh however, we'll see a nice rebound. here is your hour-by-hour thanksgiving forecast. 59 inland, up to 68 by 4:00 p.m. once that sun really starts to make an appearance as we head through the next couple hours as it makes its way over the horizon, temperatures are going to warm very nicely today. 65 degrees at the coast and right around 64 bayside today. so 60 degrees at 8:00 p.m. when some people will be heading out to do the shopping. make sure you bring the jacket. keep that in mind. hey, we're looking towards a gorgeous trend that continues well into this weekend. the 70s return friday into saturday. really nice weekend ahead. and then we might get a little bit of rain late wednesday into thursday but a nice, dry stretch before we hit our next storm. enjoy it, jon kelly. that's my gift to you.
7:28 am
>> thank you very much. happy thanksgiving to you. make sure to stay around on nbc bay area, we'll have the macy's thanksgiving day parade coming up. the 86th year, i believe. we'll see you back in a half hour.
7:29 am
7:30 now on this thursday morning. thanksgiving day, november 22nd, 2012. and you are looking at the
7:30 am
preparation for the huge, spectacular, the macy's thanksgiving day parade. as much as part of this holiday tradition as turkey and pumpkin pie. matt, savannah, and al getting ready to host the activities. inside studio 1a i'm littwillie geist alongside natalie morales. >> our all-star edition. this morning, two expert foodies martha stewart and giada de laurentiis, they are cooking together for the very first time. a thanksgiving meal that we're never going to forget for sure. and i just can't wait to eat it later on today. >> we're going to try to stay out of their way for the most part. let them do the work. also ahead, an amazing 10-year-old singer who has a video that's blowing up online right now. we'll have her amazing story just ahead. plus, be honest now, when you create a password for your bank account or credit card account, do you result to the standard password one, two, three, or using the word
7:31 am
password? >> no, but go ahead. >> lots of people do. and if you're one of them, you may be putting yourself at risk for hackers. coming up, what you need to do to protect yourself. >> first, let's say good morning to martha stewart and giada de laurentiis teaming up to make a thanksgiving meal for us. good morning. how is it going up there? >> good morning. >> we're having so much fun. it smells so good here. willie, you have to come back and eat something. >> i'll be up there. >> how do you divide the labor between the two of you. >> well, we've been arguing all morning. >> oh, no. >> it starts already. >> that's the typical thanksgiving. >> it's a big happy family. that's what happy families do. martha's doing her stuffing and i am assisting and learning a few tricks and tips because i -- being italian don't really do thanksgiving. i do it now. >> you don't even stuff a turkey. >> i don't stuff it. >> i always stuff the turkey. i don't like it in the oven. >> i like a crust and i don't know, there's something about the wet filling, but i have a
7:32 am
feeling that martha's going to change my mind. >> we cannot wait to sink our teeth in it. whatever you make, both of you ladies, is going to be perfect. >> this is a herb cracker stuffing. so there's bread, there are ritz crackers, chicken broth, there's lots of herbs. lots. sage and parsley and thyme. chicken broth and, don't forget, i always forget eggs in my stuffing. do you put eggs -- you don't make stuffing. >> no, i do. >> we'll let you get cooking. >> back to work. >> and we'll check back with you in a little bit later on. >> thank you. let's head downtown right now to herald square just in front of macy's where matt and savannah are going to host the thanksgiving day parade. >> this is such an exciting morning. it's absolutely beautiful. we're watching the cast of "annie" rehearse, one of several broadway shows that will be here. it is going to be a beautiful day. the sun will come out today, actually. >> that's right.
7:33 am
and by the way, speaking of martha and giada, we have been arguing all morning. we are joined by the executive producer of the macy's parade. amy, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you too. i'm so extraordinarily pleased to be here, what a great day. >> and the winds are low. >> they are low. it's a beautiful day for a parade with high-flying balloons, one for the record, for sure. >> this is the 86th year for this parade. a parade full of tradition and ceremony, but there's always something new. what's new this year? >> there is. technology has enabled us to do so much more. the balloons can be more complex, the floats can be more animated. but there's technology we're all playing with every day. we've got a new ipad app that is powered by my city way. woo ere going to be working for a second screen capability experience when you're watching the parade. so there's a lot of good things that are going on. but it's all about the tradition of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> also, as people at home are watching, the great pomp and circumstance, you want and we want them to remember this area
7:34 am
has been through a tough time with hurricane sandy. and that's part of the event today, as well. >> it really has. this area has really been torn, people are still recovering. there are many that are not going to have a traditional thanksgiving. and we're hoping that today could be a sense of rejuvenation and joy. we're all supporting the red cross, everybody in the parade this year, balloon handlers, float escorts, clowns, cheerleaders, myself, hopefully you guys will be wearing a red cross pin to show our support for the good work they've done and still are doing. >> have a great parade. i know you've got to get up town -- >> i do. al is up there, brought us great weather. i thank him for that. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we'll send it back to you. >> we'll check in with you guys in a little bit later. you can watch the spectacular macy's thanksgiving day parade starting at 9:00 a.m. here on nbc. >> and now let's get a check of the weather from al. he's up town where the parade is getting ready to kick off. >> today's weather is brought to you by walmart, tune in tonight
7:35 am
at 8:00 p.m. eastern time for a special edition of football night in america. presented by walmart. and it's a beautiful morning up here, it's 77 in central park west as we're getting ready for the parade. let's take a look at your forecast for today across the country, gorgeous weather, up and down the east coast, 69 in orlando, 66 in cincinnati. we've got some snow showers in the northern plains. a little bit of shower activity in the pacific northwest, tomorrow, for your shopping, a lot of wet weather in the pacific northwest, rain in southern texas, rain in the ohio river valley, lake effect snow showers in the east with windy conditions. and speaking of the parade, colby calliet is here. >> i'm on the float right behind the peanut man. and there's baked goods. >> dancing baked goods? >> yeah. >> and you've got a christmas album out. >> i do.
7:36 am
called "christmas in the sand." and 15 songs on it, four duets with brad paisley and gavin degraw. my dad produced it. >> that's fun working with your dad. that's one of the things i'm sure you're thankful for. what else are you thankful for? >> my wonderful family and friends. because traveling a lot, they're the one thing i love to get home to. i'm flying home today to be with them. >> happy thanksgiving. we look forward to you singing in the parade. thanks so much 7:36. live picture san jose looking good. a little hazy here, but we still have good air quality courtesy of the showers that came through yesterday and flights are leaving on time. you just saw that airplane taking off. yeah, it is going to be a slow travel day. we have no delays on any of our local highways. we gave mike inouye the day off. 68 in livermore, 69 in gilroy, 66 in fremont and right around 66 degrees in san francisco. we just keep on warming you up all the way through saturday.
7:37 am
looking good into the weekend. and don't forget to check that weather any time you need it this weekend, weather channel on cable, online, another thing to be thankful for. an extra night of sunday night football night in america. the thanksgiving special. the patriots versus the jets. the weather is looking pretty good. we're going to have clear skies, temperatures in the mid-40s for thursday edition of sunday night football night in america. guys, that's something to be thankful for. back to you. >> that's a door buster right there. al, thanks so much. we're going to see a little bit later on. meantime, we want to introduce you to a young woman whose music video has been viewed nearly 2 million times online. but 10-year-old reagan smith is much more than a rising star. diana alviar will tell us reagan is also a survivor. >> reporter: when reagan smith sings --
7:38 am
♪ i wanna no when >> reporter: the questions come from the heart. >> like how long i'd have this disease because i still have it. i'm just in like temporary remission. >> reporter: in first grade, reagan began to bruise and cuts refused to heal. tests raised more questions. >> i can remember sitting in the car in the driveway and said how much do you know about blood diseases? she had an autoimmune disorder, her body was attacking her platelets. >> you need your platelets to protect you against bleeding. you'll bump yourself, you'll bruise. >> reagan's case was worse than most. medicine and chemotherapy didn't work, so doctors decided to take out her spleen. having itp meant having to give up the things she loved most, riding horses, playing volleyball, even jumping on the trampoline in her own backyard. >> i kind of felt like, you know, known as the sick kid. but her parents were determined
7:39 am
not to let her illness define her. >> so we said no victims here. you do your work. >> reporter: reagan got to work organizing a blanket drive for kids in her hospital. and she channeled her energy into a safe indoor activity, music. it turned out she had serious talent. ♪ >> reporter: the little girl's big solo at a school mass blew everyone away. and then came an audition, the producer behind one of the biggest viral videos of all times, rebecca black "friday." >> i went to try out and i saw there were like 20-year-old kids with guitars and ukuleles and things and i'm like, okay, this was just for fun and obviously not going to win. >> i remember here because she was one of the youngest artists at the event. reagan sang better than 25-year-olds that performed. so we were all impressed.
7:40 am
>> impressed enough to write "i wanna know" specifically for reagan and shoot a music video featuring all of her favorite things. >> after like two days, it had 40,000 views which was crazy. >> reporter: much of reagan's joy comes from knowing all of her profits will go to help kids like her. she's already raised $10,000 for the children's hospital. >> it's amazing. it's very humbling when you're the mom and you've learned from your daughter. the fact that she truly always wanted to give back. she never sat and said, oh, poor me. not once. >> reporter: a unique perspective. >> i felt blessed i didn't get cancer and that i was lucky enough to be in remission. i mean, some people like are in tsunamis and tornadoes right now and their houses are destroyed. >> reporter: a 10-year-old girl who has big plans for her future. >> i really want to be a surgeon. i also want to sing on the weekends, kind of like a singing
7:41 am
surgeon. >> reporter: for "today," nbc news, palo alto, california. >> she's a special kid. coming up next, how to protect yourself from computer hackers trying to steal your most personal information. plus, much more from matt, savannah and al at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. ♪ [ female announcer ] today, it's not just about who lives in the white house, it's about who lives in the yellow house, the green, and the apartment house, too. today we not only honor the oval office, but we honor the cubicle, and the home office as well. because today it's about all of us.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
back now at 7:45 with a question. how safe is your password? security experts predict there will have been more than 1 billion hacking attempts in 2012 alone. and these hackers aren't just going after the big institutions, they may have you in their sights, as well. here's nbc's tom costello. >> nancy calls in evil geniuses, the people who hacked into her online accounts, deleted everything, including a book she was writing, even changed the name of her pet and sent out e-mails asking for cash. >> they had sent out more than 10,000 e-mails, anyone i had ever interacted with. since the day i had e-mail. received an e-mail, a desperate plea for money. >> she admits, she made the most common mistake all of her passwords were the same. >> too many of us are using the same user name over and over again, often it's an e-mail address. and then the same password. the most commonly used password is password.
7:46 am
and then the most common are one, two, three, four, five, six. and very often, let me in. even if you think your password is smart, how hard would it be for a hacker who is already in to get deeper into your online life? >> don't use things that are on your facebook page. don't use your pet name, don't use your high school mascot. >> the more your social media accounts are linked, the easier for someone to learn enough about you to guess at credit card and other passwords. but the senior writer for wired, even his 19 character password couldn't stand up to determined hackers. they deleted everything and reset his password. >> someone can take a little bit from account "a," use it to get into account "b." they're inside your e-mail, they're inside your e-mail, inside your bank, they can clean it out. >> to guard against that, exp earths suggest setting multiple layers of i.d. for you or anyone to reset your passwords and give fake answers, or answers no one
7:47 am
could ever find anywhere online. >> for the most critical passwords in your life, bank accounts, maybe a work e-mail, you want to change it every 60 or 90 days. >> the ultimate password technology typing rhythms or fingerprints and iris scans, but only the most secure systems. >> it does make me feel violated. >> as most of us decades old password technology against 21st century criminals. for today, tom costello, nbc news, washington. and up next, we'll see how giada de laurentiis and martha stewart are doing as they join forces. to make a thanksgiving meal right after this. [ phil ] i have a toyota camry hybrid. [ man ] tell me about that. [ phil ] katie and i talked about really committing to making a difference in the amount of gas that we use. she was using 8 to 10 tankfuls. i was using 5 tankfuls. now i use one tankful a month, and she may use about two. it drives like a sports car. it handles very well.
7:48 am
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7:50 am
it's like another chapter. want to check in right now with our chefs. all right, ladies, what are you working on -- that turkey already done. >> this is a heritage breed, we
7:51 am
call it. and we've cooked it with the cheese cloth soaked in butter and white wine. it keeps the breast really moist. and now we're going to -- baste it with a reduced maple syrup. >> it's super thick, you guys. >> over and over again. this is such a great taste to the turkey itself. >> why is the cheese cloth? >> it keeps the moisture in. it really does. and these heritage turkeys don't have as much fat as the regular store -- >> is it more dark meat than white meat? >> no, there's white meat. not as plump as the butter ball types. >> right. right. >> but that looks good. and then, oh, yeah, a little bit more over here. >> okay. >> and we've stuffed, of course, the neck cavity with a lot of stuffing and six cups of stuffing and the -- just -- >> smell it. >> yes, and it's really tasty. >> what do you think? should i put it back in there? >> i think so. >> how big of a bird is that?
7:52 am
>> 20-pound bird. and that's a nice bird for anywhere about 15 to 17 people. >> and it weighs a ton. >> yeah. >> are you okay? i'll hold the rack. >> you hold the rack, martha. >> there you go, giada. >> i've got muscles. >> you don't have to take it out of the oven at home. it's better to leave it and pull the rack out. make sure the rack's secure. >> it's just for me to get a workout so that -- >> we're going to check back with you in a bit on sides and dessert. back with you after our local news.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
♪ hallelujah! good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. you know the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade now under way on the east coast. we've got a look at the beginning of the parade. you'll see a number of old favorites, including kermit the frog. some will also have new faces, papa smurf, elf on the shelf,
7:56 am
hello kitty just to name a few. the parade starts at 9:00 right here on nbc bay area. in addition to the floats and balloons, there will also be a number of bands, including the bay area's own saratoga high school band. they are expected to show up around 10:59 this morning, so make sure you're watching. this is video of them getting ready earlier this week. it's the first national appearance by the band and the students no doubt very, very excited. good for them. let's take a look at the forecast here in the bay area. simply a beautiful day, christina. >> it really is, laura. temperatures are a little cool right now but we're going to see a nice rebound and that sun is out in full force everywhere. 51 degrees right now in san francisco. you're at 39 up in napa and 46 degrees in san jose. winds not playing much of a factor any longer. they're really dropping off. we have calm to light winds all across the bay area. as we head throughout your thanksgiving, it works out like this. up to 68 degrees inland, bayside 64 and 65 degrees at the coast. full sunshine all day long and offshore flow will keep that fog out of the area as we head
7:57 am
throughout tonight into tomorrow. waking up nice and clear. temperatures are going to get even warmer as we head through friday into saturday. 69 degrees by sunday. then next week we'll start to drop off just a little bit. monday, tuesday and wednesday with the storm system kind of lurking offshore. high pressure keeps it out of the area until late wednesday into thursday but that's our next chance for rain. we are going to see a nice, dry stretch of weather between now and then. so we're looking good for you and your family. no matter how many people are involved in your family. you've got three little ones, huh? >> we went from two to five invests in our household. have a good one, christine. a good one as well. another update in half an hour. wrap
7:58 am
7:59 am
hey, guys. how are you? >> 8:00 now on this thanksgiving morning, the 22nd day of november, 2012. a beautiful day here in rockefeller plaza.
8:00 am
about 50 degrees right now, feeling good. many of our friends here on the plaza are going to be headed a block away to catch the macy's thanksgiving day parade less than an hour from now. i'm natalie morales outside here along with willie geist. we'll be checking in with matt and savannah in a little bit. just an hour away, we're going to let the parade get going here. >> we will chat with them in a minute. as you said, a lot of these people probably on the way to the parade about half a block from here. >> yeah. >> also, a very special thanksgiving. would you believe we have martha stewart and giada de laurentiis cooking together upstairs in our kitchen. the bird is in the oven. they'll whip up their favorite side dishes. >> look at that dessert. that looks amazing. >> we'll check in with them in a few minutes. >> i'm glad they're making our meal for us and the leftovers. plus, an 11-year-old girl who is making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of u.s. military men and women serving in afghanistan. she's doing it in a very old-fashioned way. can't wait to hear her story.
8:01 am
but first, as we said, let's head down about 15 blocks from here to herald square where matt and savannah are getting ready to kick off the parade. good morning, guys. >> hey, natalie and willie, good morning. and we're not going to call her savannah gurthrie anymore, we're calling her our little good luck charm, because this is her first year doing the parade and the weather could not be more perfect. it's going to be about 50 degrees by the time this parade ends today, light winds, and that means nothing but great visuals for all the people lining the route. >> balloons are ready, the winds are cooperating, it is a beautiful day. right now we're watching a rehearsal from one of the broadway shows that will perform. this is "bring it on," the cheerleading movie brought to life on broadway. you know, matt, it's so exciting to actually be here. i watched the parade all my life. that's how i got out of helping out in the kitchen. but to be here and see what goes into this production, makes it all the more special. >> no matter how many times you've seen it, guys, this thing does really kind of touch a nerve in you it brings back the kid in all of us.
8:02 am
but, no, my kids are going to come down here in a little while to watch their faces as some of these floats and bands and marching bands and balloons go by is really half the fun. we're getting ready to kick it off. it starts about three miles from where we are uptown. al will hand that aspect of the broadcast for us. it happens in just a little while. natalie and willie, happy thanksgiving. back to you. >> and to you, as well. >> happy thanksgiving in less than an hour. >> and the coverage of the macy's thanksgiving day parade begins at 9:00 a.m. >> for now, we want to send it inside the news desk. andrea canning manning the ship for us. >> good morning to all of you and happy thanksgiving. a cease-fire is holding in the middle east just hours after israel and hamas leaders step back from the brink of what could have been a full-fledged war. nbc is in gaza this morning. a a yman, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. well, the only sounds we're
8:03 am
hearing of rumbling are of those of thunder above us. looks like it's about to start pouring down rain here. that hasn't deterred the tens of thousands of palestinian supporters of ma has and the other palestinian factions from going town to the streets. they have been participating in rallies all across the gaza strip. it is being called a day of victory. the hamas authorities here have declared it a national holiday and certainly people feel that they are coming out of this, including the palestinian factions -- they feel they're coming out of this as victorious. the death toll now here foshlly is 163 people, yet despite that tremendous amount of pain and suffering for the people of gaza, some of the refugees and some of the displaced are now going back to their homes. shops are reopening. stores are reopening. traffic is flowing again. there's a sense that life here is about to go back to normal after eight very long and pain staking days. the question on everyone's mind is whether the cease fire is going to last and more importantly, if, in fact, there's going to be a comprehensive solution to some of the problems there. andrea? >> ayman, thank you.
8:04 am
and twinkies, ding dongs, and hohos are looking for a new home after a bankruptcy court approved hostess' request on wednesday. to shut down its business and sell the pieces to the highest bidder. this after hostess failed to reach a labor agreement with the biggest union. more than 18,000 jobs, 18,000 jobs will be lost. art ginsberg, the tv chef known as mr. food has died. for decades, ginsburg enticed viewers with focus on easy weeknight cooking and the tag line, oh, it's so good, died wednesday in florida at his home after a year-long struggle with pancreatic cancer. an l.a. jury has awarded a former model on "the price is right" almost $8 million in punitive damages. they determined wednesday that the tv show discriminated against brandy cochran by not taking her back after her pregnancy. the show's producers say they will appeal. and now for a look at what's trending today, our quick round-up of what has you talking online. remember that 9-year-old girl
8:05 am
who could outrun all the boys on the football field? there she is, samantha, sam gordon became an internet sensation after a video of her football skills went viral this month. and now the phenom from south jordan, utah, will have her picture on -- can you believe it? a wheaties cereal box. what a big honor for a little girl. and a tiny grandfather is winning worldwide fame after photographs of him modelling clothing for teen girls. they were posted on the internet. the 72-year-old man posed in outfits from, get this, his granddaughter's fashion store. the photos went viral and sales have soared. and yes, he went there. fun-loving grandfather even joined the current dance craze by posing as the gangnum style pony. oh, he didn't. and some nba stars are getting into the holiday spirit, dribbling to the carol of the bells.
8:06 am
♪ >> they are good. that must have taken a lot of rehearsal. the viral video has amassed more than 100,000 views. the nba is promoting its special edition christmas day uniforms. and it is 8:06 and time for a check of the weather with al. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by walmart. tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time for a special edition of football night in america. presented by walmart. >> it's beautiful, a beautiful morning here already. we've got hello kitty has actually gotten ready for her place in the parade, so let's check the forecast for the parade. we've got temperatures in the low to mid-50s today. and we're going to see plenty of sunshine and the winds are going to be nice and light. no problem for the winds, all the balloons flying high.
8:07 am
the rest of the forecast for you, we've got clouds off the carolina coast. some clouds also making their way in the pacific northwest. expect a few showers in the midwest, as well. we're looking today at sunshine in the northeast into the mid-atlantic states. some snow around the western great lakes. clouds and some showers move back in to the pacific northwest later today. the southwest looking good. 67 and sunny in l.a. today. we got another special guest. i should say group joining us right now. the rock sensation neon trees, tyler, chris, brandon and elaine. thanks for joining us. >> hi, al, how are you? >> we're doing pretty good. >> your song "everybody talks" is such a hit. >> thank you. it's exciting. >> something to be thankful for this year? >> absolutely. it's been a great year, couple years, but this year has been nice. >> you're going to be performing in the parade. >> yeah, we're on the ninja turtles float. >> ninja turtles. >> we're all wearing a color to coordinate with one of the turtles. >> you've got something to be thankful for. >> a little boy this year.
8:08 am
>> yep, a tiny fat little boy. 3 1/2 months today. >> what are you doing after the parade? >> couple of us are flying home, couple of us staying in the city. it's going to be good. it's a nice day out, you guys. come and join us. >> you heard it from the neon trees, come and join us. happy thanksgiving. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck nice day in new york and even nicer day in the bay area. good morning to you. 8:08 now. this is oakland, crystal clear conditions over the entire bay area to start out your thanksgiving. we've got a good-looking day. this is san jose now, completely clear, hard to find a cloud in the sky. and temperatures today are gong to be comfortable. we're talking about 67 degrees inland, 63 bayside at the coast, right around 62 degrees. climbing even more friday into saturday. hope you have a fantastic day. >> and that's your latest weather. we're just less than an hour away from the kickoff of the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving
8:09 am
day parade, willie. >> all right, al, and a beautiful day for a parade. when we come back here, we're going to check in with giada de laurentiis and martha stewart to make our thanksgiving dinner. back after this. a stewart to make our thanksgiving dinner. back after this. looks like your bags didn't make it. we'll send them to your hotel. [ sad music playing ] this is fun. [ sad music continues ] [ knock on door ] your bags, sir. thanks. both: finally! one taste, and you'll understand. enjoy delicious dunkin' donuts coffee anytime. best vacation ever! pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'. that's her "huge savings" face. yeah. don't worry, i get it all the time. [ male announcer ] we guarantee our low prices. even our black friday prices are backed by ad match. the first and only place to go this black friday. walmart. best foods and holiday leftovers
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8:12 am
and no matter who you are, you're the commander-in-chief of your own life. ♪ >> happy thanksgiving, everyone, from our family to yours. back now at 8:12. and this morning in "today's" holiday kitchen. the turkey's roasting, time to buckle down on the side dishes. and martha stewart is sharing her greens recipe. and giada de laurentiis is making her famous mashed potatoes with an italian twist.
8:13 am
good morning, guys. >> let's start down here with the green. >> these are greens, kale and spinach, and you can use any greens. and we're going to saute them in olive oil. wait, they change color, they become a bright green. and just saute them over a couple of seconds. we have chestnuts, onions, and garlic already sauteed in olive oil. and some spices -- >> what are we using here? >> a wonderful red hot pepper flakes. so good. and white wine, a little cream, a little butter, you make almost like a little roux. >> do we do this beforehand with the onions? >> before or after. and giada's making the most delicious mashed potatoes. >> well, first, let's start with the beginning. you boiled the potatoes in garlic and salt and water -- >> and butter. and i start with cold water.
8:14 am
it's really important you do, because you want -- it correctly cooks the potatoes. otherwise, you put them in boiling water, it stunts them. potatoes, then obviously the butter. >> you can do the butter. and the chicken broth. >> 3 tablespoons or so. >> yep. >> parmesan cheese. the parmesan cheese. >> martha and i were discussing what she puts in hers, which is -- >> i can do sour cream, cream cheese, heavy cream, butter. >> yeah. that's why we put a little italian spin on it. and the idea, it has to be room temperature. pepper, now you like yours -- you like them really smooth or a little bit of lumps? >> i have to say i like them smooth. >> i like them very smooth. >> me too. yeah. >> yay. >> you like yours lumpy? >> i'm a lumpy guy. >> and you put some fresh
8:15 am
chives. >> you could do anything you wanted. martha's going to taste it. >> this is where i say -- >> oh, yummy. >> it has to be hotter. >> yeah, it has to be hotter. >> little hotter. but those are delicious. >> i'm going to bring -- >> i'm going to use this from now on. >> made a bit of a mess over here. >> best thanksgiving ever. your dreams come true. >> how are the greens? >> we're going to add a little bit of butter to them. again, this is not a day to really abstain. >> no, i'm with you. >> we want pies, butter, all kinds of great stuff. >> oh, yes. >> and that fabulous turkey. >> how long does this wilt? is it a couple minutes? >> we're on an electric burner here, so it's not -- >> and we're going to add a little bit of white wine to it. not too much. >> you're doing good. >> look, look. >> you're doing really well for someone that doesn't cook.
8:16 am
>> how far ahead of time do you start making the sides? right as the turkey's about ready to come out? >> no, no -- >> those can be made early. >> this you can early. >> like the greens, you don't want them to get too wilted. >> this is last-minute. you can add that beautiful stuff now. >> mashed potatoes. >> look how gorgeous. and this is like -- this is a vegetarian delight. for the vegetarians, those chestnuts and onions and a little tiny bit of garlic. >> hurry up. >> hurry up. >> we're going to run out of time. >> beautiful. >> isn't that great? >> pepper? >> you going to make that when you get home? >> absolutely. i'm going to take this one. >> the greens part of it, right, martha? when do you add -- >> we're going to add the cream a little later. >> how about black pepper? can i do that for you? >> there we go. >> why not, right? >> a little tiny bit. not too much. not too much. >> not too much, willie. >> and a little bit of heavy cream. >> not too much. yeah, i know where you're going. >> heavy cream. >> there goes the heavy cream.
8:17 am
okay. >> we've altered the recipe slightly, didn't make the beschemel. >> there we go. >> and don't be shy. butter, heavy cream, go for it. thanksgiving, right? >> what other sides do you like to make? >> oh, my gosh. sweet potatoes, all different kinds. now, that is a beautiful -- beautiful squash with lady apple slices. a little bit of bacon. everybody's talking about how bacon belongs everywhere. >> yes, it does. >> and cranberry sauce. you must make that delicious cranberry sauce. >> dessert's coming up, right? we'll see it in just a little bit as you finish off our thanksgiving feast and we finally get to eat. coming up next, one girl's mission to say thanks to u.s. soldiers serving in afghanistan right after this. into their work,
8:18 am
their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. ♪
8:19 am
[ female announcer ] with its rich, silky smooth taste there's magic in every piece of dove® dark chocolate. ♪ the latest coffee machine from nespresso. modular. intuitive. combines espresso and fresh milk. the new u. nespresso. what else? available at these fine retailers. we're for the individual. the food lover. the movie lover. the road tripper. and the music mentor. ♪ we're for the gamer. the play maker. the page turner. and the up-all-nighters. so when we set out to make a smart phone we didn't make one for all of us. we made one for each of us. new windows phone. reinvented around you.
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that's her "huge savings" face. yeah. don't worry, i get it all the time. [ male announcer ] we guarantee our low prices. even our black friday prices are backed by ad match. the first and only place to go this black friday. walmart. as you sit down for thanksgiving dinner today with your family, don't forget thousands of u.s. soldiers serving overseas can't be with theirs. one special 11-year-old girl from weston, florida, never forgets. and she's making a big difference in the lives of soldiers half way around the world. her story now from nbc's kerry sanders. >> at this time, would you guys please bring up the letters that you have written? >> reporter: 11-year-old savannah madison has sent thousands of letters to the military serving in afghanistan. >> and thanks to schools like you guys, we can do this amazing
8:21 am
thing to support our soldiers and our military. >> reporter: it all began a year ago when savannah's best friend told savannah her dad was being deployed to afghanistan. >> and it was kind of like, whoa, what? because i didn't think for an entire year, i can't imagine my parents going away for that long. that would just crush me. ♪ how do you make it through the day ♪ >> so savannah wrote a song for her best friend. >> we sat and thought about it and i said, well, we need to do more than this. is there anything we can do? and we came up with savannah's soldiers. >> reporter: she started a letter writing campaign for soldiers being deployed with wilson's dad. >> i thought, oh, how are we going to send 700 letters to afghanistan? she would get kids over and they would start writing letters and sit around the table and it would be 30, 40 letters they would come up with, in a week maybe. and i thought we've got a long
8:22 am
way to go. >> reporter: but savannah was determined and started speaking at schools, even going to miami marlins games to get more kids to write letters. >> they say all kinds of cute things. the little kids, they write the cutest letters because they don't know -- they're not the best spellers. instead of country they'll write crunchry. >> savannah and her family will sort through the letters and then mail them to battalions stationed half a world away. >> anything from home always makes you feel good. when you get a letter from a little kid that, you know, is telling you good job and we're thinking of you, thank you, it -- you can't explain it. >> helps with the morale, helps them get through the tough situations they're dealing with in afghanistan. >> some soldiers take photos with savannah's letters and show their gratitude on her facebook page. >> the best is they're always smiling. they're always like holding up the letters with a smile on their face. it's really -- it's really amazing to see that we're doing
8:23 am
great thing. it's working. >> now savannah hopes kids in schools in all 50 states will join her letter-writing campaign. >> she does a really good job of speaking and communicating with the kids, extremely proud of her. >> she's just passionate about it. and she loves what she's doing. >> reporter: for the soldiers, the letters are a touching tribute from a little girl with a big heart. >> savannah madison is my hero. she's made a difference in my life. and i appreciate her. >> you have really, really blessed me, blessed the soldiers that are still over there. >> you're awesome, thank you very much. >> kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. >> what an amazing little girl. why do i get the feeling we're going to hear from her some day. >> she's going to be the next savannah. >> pretty poised. >> amazing. and we are thinking of those troops who can't be with their loved ones today also. let's get special birthday wishes from our good friend mr. willard scott. >> hey, you know who if she were
8:24 am
living today minie pearl would be 100 years old today. what a wonderful woman. ann osterhoudt, a wonderful woman, take a look, if you will, sweet annie is 108 years old today. she loves to get her hair and nails done, and she is a lovely lady. and robert, bless your little heart, always liked that name, robert owen mt. airy, georgia. 100 years old. anyway, believes in the power of prayer, says it works all the time. hazel sparrow, 100 years old today. loves to make homemade cookies and good things like that and especially blackberry wine. that'll make you happy. good old larry trinceri he's from the great state of
8:25 am
massachusetts. 100 years old and he loves to play cards and bowl. and he loves his wife. how about that? i think he bowls with his wife, doesn't he? and peg israel 103 years old today, and she's absolutely gorgeous. visited every day by her friends and she's been to every national park in the country. can't beat that. and thomas ryan, orlando, florida, 100 years old today. i mean, he is famous for his sense of humor. that's it, that's all, and now back to good old new york. >> all right. thanks so much, willard. coming up -- we're going to see how martha stewart and happy thanksgiving. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. happy to show you this beautiful live picture over san francisco.
8:26 am
a completely clear start to the day. and we've got a good-looking day all over the place. this is representative of the entire bay area. look at san rafael, crystal clear, hard to find a cloud in the sky. that there is something to be thankful for. temperatures will be comfortable throughout the day. a nice rebound. grab your coat on the way out. by noontime, at about 61 degrees in livermore, 60 in fremont, and 61 in san jose. we'll round out the day at 4:00 p.m. with temperatures close to 70 degrees. it's going to be really nice for your outdoor plans. you could even have thanksgiving dinner on the patio, if that interests you. 68 in livermore. 66 for fremont, and 67 is the high for los gatos. we have some changes on the way. no major changes. we are going to warm you up into the weekend. the 70s return for black friday. it's going to be a little bit chilly, though, if you'll be out there tomorrow morning, very chilly at 5:00 a.m. with temperatures in the low 40s. by saturday into sunday, temperatures start to drop off just a little bit, but not by much. it's still going to be mild, still very representative of
8:27 am
seasonal temperatures for this time of area. monday, tuesday, wednesday, storm system drives in some more clouds. that will cool us off. from everybody here at nbc bay area, we hope you and your family have a fantastic thanksgiving. [ maraca shaking ]
8:28 am
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a special brain tumor treatment just for arianna. our bold, new procedure is helping to extend her life... and give her family hope. look what i made. beautiful... hug your child tonight... give thanks for the healthy kids in your life. and give to those who are not. go to st. jude dot org or shop where ever you see the st. jude logo.
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8:30 now on this thursday morning, november 22nd, 2012. thanksgiving morning, which means we're now just about half hour away from the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll check in with al who kicks things off for everybody in just a few minutes. >> everybody's on standby along the parade route. meantime, coming up, a kitchen combination, almost an unfair advantage. >> it really is. >> we're going to check in one more time with our thanksgiving experts giada de laurentiis and martha stewart, working together for the first time to make a spectacular thanksgiving meal for all of us and the crew. i'm happy to report they're getting up to dessert. >> and apparently drinking together, as well. another guy working on thanksgiving, he's thrilled about it. plays for the new england patriots and he wouldn't be where he is today without the love of a family who took him in
8:31 am
when he needed it most. we'll hear his story. >> it is a good one. and also, we'll meet another great athlete, a young woman dancing all her life even winning national championships, but she's faced big health hurdles along the way. all with a smile. truly an inspiration. first, though, let's head uptown to check in with al roker who is in the midst of the last-minute prep for the parade. >> that's right. just about 15 minutes away from rehearsing the open to the parade. we'll kick it all off. before that, let's show you what you've got looking ahead to the week ahead. we've got gorgeous weather in the northeast. we will see snow showers around the western great lakes. also looking for some clouds in the pacific northwest. saturday, we expect to see a lot of rain out west. snow showers around the great lakes. then sunday, sunday, we've got more snow through the plains, wet weather in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild through the southwest, gulf coast, on in to the southeast. and we've got another great group joining us right now.
8:32 am
the group, the wanted. in fact, good to see you guys. doing great. so you guys are on the bridge to the future float. >> we are. >> and your second big single "chasing the sun," a big weather song. >> we try. >> and you're going to be singing -- what's your new single? you say it together, that's very nice. >> reaboy band. >> you're a real boy band. >> we are. we hearse rehearsed. >> do they have the equivalent in britain for thanksgiving? >> kind of. i mean, this is our first thanksgiving in the u.s. so we're really happy to be here and it's our first one so just enjoying the whole thing. >> i can't believe how many people there are. >> i know, 3 1/2 million people you're going to be singing to. >> we've got our leather jackets. look -- >> he's having a good time. we're everywhere.
8:33 am
thanks so much. happy thanksgiving. less than a half hour now, from the start of the macy's thanksgiving day parade, right here on nbc bay area. what a beautiful way to celebrate thanksgiving. we have gorgeous conditions out there this morning. it's a little crisp, a little chilly, but temperatures are going to rebound nicely under full sunshine. 68 degrees in livermore. 67 in fairfield. no fog this morning in san francisco. 66 degrees later on today. and we keep on climbing into the weekend. the 70s return, beautiful sunshine both friday and saturday. hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> in fact, they've asked me to join the group. they've asked me to join the wanted. i'm not coming back. i'm going on tour with the wanted. >> hold it up. >> guys, back to you. >> girls all over the world, already, al are loving you. >> we'll start him as a backup dancer. >> work your way up. drums, al.
8:34 am
drums. >> we'll see you in a few minutes in the parade. up next, an inspiring young woman who won't let anything stop her from dancing. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
back now with our special series thanks and giving, highlighting the work of st. jude's children research hospital. and we'll introduce you to a talented young lady who has faced adversity and is still dancing. jenna bush hager has the extraordinary story. >> reporter: as far back as 19-year-old hillary can remember, she's loved to dance. >> it's all about rhythm and music. >> reporter: she's won several national competitions. >> you get to hoot and holler while you do it. i like to make a lot of noise with my feet. >> reporter: now a chemistry major in her sophomore year at
8:37 am
louisiana college, it's difficult to believe that hillary has spent most of the last five years battling cancer. symptoms came on quickly. when she was only 14. >> my brain and my body weren't cooperating with each other and i noticed increasing amounts of bruises on my legs. and i remember the girls being like, what's wrong with your legs? >> as her condition worsened, her parents insisted she go to the emergency room, she was diagnosed with leukemia. >> i remember being in denial like this isn't really happening. growing up when you hear cancer, you hear you're possibly going to die and that went through my head, as well. >> reporter: hillary was referred to st. jude's children research hospital. >> hillary had the common standard risk of leukemia. >> patients like hillary are encouraged to continue with their lives while undergoing treatment. >> while she was getting therapy, she was traveling around the country doing shows with her team. even though she had some side effects, that didn't ever stop
8:38 am
her. >> i decided it wasn't going to take any more of my life than it had to. >> after 2 1/2 years, doctors said hillary was cured. she graduated high school with a 4.0 gpa and was named valedictorian. yet just after starting college, she once again became ill. >> i settled in and i started feeling short of breath. is this freshman 15, me getting out of shape? it was supposed to happen and the more it progressed. i was like, okay, i'm getting sick. >> a local hospital discovered a mass, and while attempting a biopsy, she stopped breathing, she was airlifted back to st. jude. >> as soon as i got to st. jude, they said we don't know if she's going to make it through the night. >> she was in the icu for almost a whole week on the breathing machine and we've never seen a case like this. completely two different cancers. >> this is hillary's tumor before treatment. >> it was the size, it was pressing on the heart and the
8:39 am
airway. >> and a few months later. >> i can barely see it and now it's gone. >> another year of chemo is still ahead of her, yet she's back in college hopeful and pursuing her passion. >> how important has dance been through this whole process? >> almost therapeutic. in my head, i'm going, i want to dance again so i better get up and stretch and try to walk so i can get back to what i want to do. >> if you could dance anywhere with anyone, who would it be? >> oh, man. probably the rockettes. i didn't grow tall enough to really chase that, i'm only 5'4", you need to be 5'8". >> if i grow 4 inches, i can be a rockette, i can try for it. >> reporter: her first visit to new york just last week. >> here it is. >> reporter: turned into a surprise dream come true for hillary. >> cool. >> your name. >> oh. >> reporter: you're going to go in and do what you always wanted to do and that's be with the rockettes. it'll be fun. >> with the help of the garden
8:40 am
of dreams foundation, not only did hillary meet the rockettes, they invited her to learn part of their routine. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: and then danced with them on the great stage of radio city music hall. >> what was it like dancing with the rockettes? >> i don't think it's sunk in yet. it was amazing. >> reporter: a once-in-a-lifetime tlhrill for dancer given a new hope for tomorrow. for "today," nbc news. >> hillary did amazing. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> st. jude celebrating 50 years. now in that time, have you all been able to keep track all of the patients over the years? how many lives have been saved? >> well, we do keep track of all of them because we have an after completion therapy program and we want to know how they're doing all the time. but we have about 7,800 active patients, 250 we see a day. but it's almost impossible to calculate because we send our
8:41 am
doctors to china, south america, latin america, the mideast, we have these websites where doctors can be talking to us, asking questions. we give about, i think, 250 consultations a week. and they're for free, which is unusual for doctors. and then we have another website where the doctors can talk to our doctors. so we're just so spread out that millions and millions of children. >> i know you have a lot to be thankful for. >> i'll tell you what i'm really thankful for is that the "today" show is getting the word out so that parents, moms, and dads everywhere know there is a place to go. so many people write me and say i saw this on the "today" show and i think my son has that same brain cancer. and that's what this is -- why it's so important. >> well, we've always loved our partnership with you. thanks and giving. have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> you too. >> with your family. coming up next, an nfl player who survived some hard knocks and has a lot to be
8:42 am
thankful for, as well today. plus martha stewart and giada de laurentiis with great desserts coming up.
8:43 am
8:44 am
"today" is brought to you by walmart. tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time for a special edition of football night in america. presented by walmart. this morning on "today's" extra yard. the new england patriots player giving thanks today for the family that took him in when his world was turned upsidedown. alex flanagan has the remarkable story. >> i have a picture right next to my bed. every morning i see it. she's still a huge part of my life even though she's not here. >> for nick mcdonald a 6'5" offensive lineman for the new england patriots, the memory of his mother motivates him.
8:45 am
after all, playing in the nfl was a goal he shared with her as a child. >> it was always my dream. i always wanted to play. she made these scrapbooks for us and always, you know, what did you want to do when you grow up? football player. >> reporter: for the self-proclaimed mamas boy -- >> every night when she would work, i would stay up for her, you know, iron her clothes and, you know, make sure i said good-bye to her when she left. >> reporter: her swift death from cancer was devastating. >> it hit me, i'm never going to see her again. >> unable to cope with the loss of his 44-year-old wife, nick's dad left just barely a teenager, nick and his three siblings were alone in the family house fending for themselves. >> the money ran out, power was out. >> how stressful was that environment? >> it was pretty stressful. i was drinking, drinking alcohol at 14, and getting into trouble and not caring when i finally got out of the house, got evicted. >> reporter: with nowhere to go,
8:46 am
he bounced around until the mother of his then high school girlfriend megan made him an unexpected offer. >> it was the most important for him to have a place to live. and a stable environment, so i asked him to come and stay here. it was a natural thing to do, he was really a part of the house. >> it was a little weird for some people, but for me it was finally like i got a place to stay. and i loved being there. >> reporter: their relationship ended soon after he moved in, but he stayed and remained part of the family. >> nick was one of my best friends, i no e that sounds strange to most people, but it was, he turned into more of a brother. >> also the son that she never had. >> he was part of the family. his mother was wonderful and did a wonderful job with him. that i wanted to be here for nick, but certainly didn't want to take her place. >> reporter: they became a team and together they navigated the college scholarship process and
8:47 am
the nfl. nick got picked up by the green bay packers. >> my goal for nick was for him to get a college education. i really -- that was my dream and my goal for him. didn't really think about anything beyond that. >> reporter: but not far beyond that was a super bowl win and a ring. >> after his rookie season, nick was cut by the green bay packers. he landed here in new england where he again went to a super bowl. >> guys call me a good luck charm, rubbing my head, back-to-back super bowls in two different teams is pretty rare, i would say. >> even on the biggest stages, his mother is never far from his mind and neither is the realization that his life could've turned out very differently. >> what got you through it? >> sports. and ultimately gale helped me through that. i had to stop thinking about all the bad things and focus on the good things.
8:48 am
>> reporter: he's a good part of the good things happening in the joseph family now. megan married and asked him to be the godfather of her 3-year-old daughter addison. >> the love is the most important thing, obviously we'll always, always have a special place in my heart. >> reporter: a place right next to the memory of his mother. >> that was nbc's alex flanagan reporting from foxboro, massachusetts, and you can see him on the field tonight. nbc's thanksgiving game, the new england patriots at the new york jets. pregame starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. kickoff at 8:30. up next here, it's time to finish up our thanksgiving feast with martha stewart and giada de laurentiis. time for dessert. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we're back in "today's" holiday kitchen with chefs martha stewart and giada de laurentiis who has moved the side dishes up front. but now it's time for dessert. let's get started. >> let's start down here. is that all right? >> yep. starting with an almond cake, right? >> willie's going to make a pomegranate syrup to go over it. one cup of pomegranate juice, 1/2 cup of sugar, actually 1/4 cup of sugar. and 2 tablespoons of air root,
8:51 am
it's more natural, and for me, i like it better and it should be using a whisk. >> good call. >> and we're also going to use 1/2 cup of pomegranate, which i heard martha love, love, loves. and they're good for you too. i love the color combo. you can see it's a yellow-y looking cake and you pour the pomegranate over it. >> can i say something? it is a delicious cake. cornmeal and almond cake. >> martha stewart's approval. you got it. >> i've just impressed her back. >> we're working on -- >> this is apple pie. this has -- in the pie crust has 1/2 cup of toasted walnuts. >> wow. >> finely chopped. you can fill the whole pie. >> this is pears? >> pears, apples, butter, little bit of flour for thickening. >> there you go.
8:52 am
a heavy pan, huh? heavy, everything's heavy today. >> everything. >> and then we are going to make a lattice crust. >> this is beautiful. >> beautiful. >> you're going to actually make a lattice. >> only affix one side and you're going to lift -- >> did you measure these, martha? >> i did. you can do it by eye. >> 7 inches each. >> the crust -- the filling is already cooked. >> which makes it very easy to -- and you still have to bake it for about an hour. >> okay. >> but, you know, now you lift, do you know how to -- >> have a weave here. >> you lift and down and that one. >> perfect. >> and then just the opposite for the center. >> that is stunning. >> it's not so hard to make a beautiful pie. >> for people who are buying their crust, you okay with that? >> no. >> i am okay. i'm okay with buying crust as
8:53 am
long as they're good crusts. >> right. but you can do a design with those store bought crusts. >> and tuck this down with your thumb all the way around and you'll make a fluted edge like this one. >> how do you do that? >> oh, here. >> with these two fingers and thumb like that. see? >> i like that. >> and you make a ruffle, yes. >> beautiful. yeah, i learned something new today. >> yeah. see, and you can make a pretty crust. >> why does it bake for an hour if everything's baked inside of it? >> well, the crust you want crispy and golden brown. >> like this? >> no, 350, 375, i always bake them hot. >> do you use an egg wash? >> a little bit of egg mixed with a little water. and sanding sugar which makes a glistening crust. >> super fine sort of sugar. >> i like sparkly sugar, this is a sanding sugar that's extra
8:54 am
sparkly. >> do you have a signature dessert giada? >> beside this. i have something i do with almond. i like crumbles with lots of fruit, you know. but i wasn't going to compete with martha's apple pie. >> there's no competing. >> i went a completely different direction. >> we're going to take a look at the final meal. this is hours and hours of work. >> the crew is lining up already. don't worry, guys, we'll save you some. >> ready to go. >> right here. your beautiful cake goes here. >> right here. >> we don't have wine for all of you. >> you ladies can -- >> natalie and i can share wine. >> there we go. >> look how the turkey looks. >> beautiful. >> it is. that's what you want to bring to your table. not a little old bird. >> this is a bird. >> this is what you want, glistening like this and golden
8:55 am
brown and delicious. >> let our viewers know, all the recipes are on the website. if you're looking for ideas, go online right now, >> and stuffing is great. >> thank you, martha. giada thank you. happy thanksgiving to you both. >> thank you, both. you guys are the best. we love having you. >> we're now a big happy family, are we not? >> yes, we are. >> macy's thanksgiving day parade, happy thanksgiving, everyone.
8:56 am
good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. taking a live look, just a beautiful day shaping up over san francisco. and we have the same clear sky over san jose. temperatures are a little bit on the crisp side. it's chilly out there. 53 degrees in livermore. we're at 51 in gilroy. right around 50 in san jose and 48 in sunnyvale. by noon today, we're already going to climb into the mid-60s. temperatures will be comfortable all day long, maxing out in the upper 60s, even a couple of low 70s out there. 69 degrees in gilroy today. 70s return as we head through friday into saturday. just want to let everybody know, from everyone here at nbc bay area, happy thanksgiving to you and your family. the parade starts right after this. have a great day. [ crickets chirping ]
8:57 am
8:58 am
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
8:59 am
[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] good morning from 34th street in new york city. just before our parade begins, we want to take this moment to extend our best wishes to the many americans recovering from hurricane sandy.

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